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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Front Porch

So what does the home of two creative minds look like? Well, take a look at my front porch right now. I admit that it is usually in various states of disarray and an ever-evolving collection of items in progress. Here's a snapshot and a list:

1. 2 strollers (1 jogging 'cause we're currently in training for a 1/2 marathon, and 1 regular that accompanies us on our morning walks to Starbucks)
2. Car seat for our little bambino
3. Unpacked suitcase from last weekend's trip to Vegas for a convention
4. Laundry basket full of props I was given from the last house I staged-it is awaiting a trip to Goodwill b/c the stuff was hideous and I wasn't able to work with it.
5. Round table covered with a brown tablecloth-this recently came from a different house I staged and currently doesn't have a home in a staging project right now. I was going to set the porch up temporarily as a game room (a. we like to play board games with our friends and b. I like to take my extra staging stuff and set up a temporary vignette on the porch just for fun)
6. Burp cloths I made on the table ready to be photographed and sold on Etsy. HandmadeNotHomemade.etsy.com
7. Behind the table are: Box #1-full of items also awaiting a trip to Goodwill. These items were leftovers from our impromptu Labor Day garage sale which netted us a total of $35 and a big pain in our arse. We ended up turning it into "lazy man's garage sale" where we placed a sign outside on the stuff that said "Interested? Knock or call 303.249.xxxx" which actually worked.
8. Box #2-full of items awaiting reinvention/rejuvenation/resellination when my friend Jamie and I start our as-to-be-named interior design business.
9.Box #'s 3-8-full of items invented by my father-in-law that were recently manufactured and waiting to be photographed before they are moved to our inventory location in the basement and sold via the company's website. If you are reading this blog, you are probably not interested in the product, b/c it is so remote from crafting, etc. that I will leave it a mystery since cross-marketing will do that product no good whatsoever.
10. Giant pot full of branches-that's just cool and there for decoration!
11. Sweet Tess, my favorite dog in the world, who, when I'm not home, can probably be found laying in the very-expensive-and-now-ruined Toile chair on the opposite side of the porch. You know, the nice side.