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Monday, November 8, 2010

And so it begins... or "And so it finishes" ;-)

I have had so many ideas about what I wanted this blog to be from the beginning. I wanted it to be part personal journey, part craft tutorial, part rants and raves. I have finally decided that it will be what it ends up being.

That said, I am starting a new/old adventure that I hope to document here. Projects. I do a lot of them. Mostly craft and decorating related.

Which means I buy a lot of supplies.

I have a queue of projects waiting to be started and/or waiting to be finished. And that is what I would like to work on over the next year-finishing all that I have started or meant to start.

I am still on the fence regarding if I want to give my self a common blog challenge such as "365 crafts in 365 days for $365." Sure, I don't need to spend any more money on supplies, but I also would like to reward myself with a "new" project after several "old" ones are completed. For example, I'd love to have some cafe curtains for the breakfast nook, but would need to buy fabric for the project. So... the logical thing is to complete, say 5 "old" projects before rewarding myself with a fabric shopping trip. Then I shouldn't start another "old" project until the "new" one is complete. Make sense?

So I will start with a list of 5 projects I have supplies for that I must complete before starting a new one. As the list gets crossed off, I will also dig through my myriad supplies to come up with other projects that can use up all that I have with minimal extra purchase (ex: if I want to make a piece of jewelry, I will look at the supplies I have on hand before going out and getting all new things to complete it, or I will look at what I have, then find inspiration online to use what I have to create a similar project).

So here goes: my first top 5! Tutorials for anything not self-explanatory and pictures are sure to follow!
1. Wyatt's Christmas stocking (from a Bucilla kit)
2. Will's Christmas stocking (also from a kit)
3. Fabric ring stacker for Wyatt's Christmas gift from a pattern I purchased when I was pregnant.
4. Curtains for kitchen. I received the most beautiful fabric from my sister-in-law who lives in Liberia Africa. There is construction going on next door and the workers can see me in my bathrobe every morning. Not only do I NEED new curtains, but I had the intention of making them the second I got the fabric from Em.
5. Quilt repair on a quilt I would like to use as Wyatt's play mat, but it has a few "scars" that need mending.

But first, I will make a fabric applique T-shirt for my friend's daughter, V. She is actually paying me to do this, so it is priority #1. Then let the fun begin...

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  1. I have your same problem, mine is with home projects. I have so many, I had to decide to finish one room at a time (right now the master bedroom, just art, a window cornice and a slipcover for some ugly "dog stairs" then on to the kitchen). Glad to hear your blog has a new life and a new plan!