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Monday, February 13, 2012

A baby shower...

My sweet friend Kristen is expecting a baby boy any day now! So we threw her a baby shower! Look at her loot!

So... just thought I'd share some photos of the decor my friend Stephanie and I came up with to celebrate Kristen's "Bundle of Boy." We had a theme of turquoise-blue and orange. The blue because it's a boy and Kristen's favorite color, and the orange because it looks great with the blue and between Steph and I, we had a ton of orange touches anyway.

When you are super-crafty and hoard pretty fabric and papers waiting for the day they will be put to good use, you can decorate a party on a teeny-tiny budget.

Stephanie had the orange tablecloth fabric leftover from Halloween and I made the runner out of a 2 yard cut of fabric I bought for a long-ago project I never got around to.

The month-by-month onesies, our gift to Kristen, were made with scraps from the fabric we bought for the napkins and other fabrics from my scrap drawer. They became part of the decor and we didn't have to do much else.

We both have a collection of milk glass vases, so we just put orange tulips and spray roses in them for little pops of color here and there. See how they livened up the buffet?

 And speaking of pops, I made cake pops in blue and orange (of course) as party favors. We used some scrapbook paper on hand to stamp "thanks." on the tags and tied them on with yarn.

Here is the whole dessert and favor bar.
We also used paper to make tags so guests could write their names on their drinks.
We all had a great time. I snapped all these photos just before guests arrived. Once everyone arrived, I put down my camera and got to chit-chatting and forgot to take a picture of Stephanie, Kristen and myself. Grrr....

Hope this inspires you to decorate on a budget for the next shower you host. It was really a lot of fun to collaborate with another creative friend to come up with all these ideas.

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